Top 10 resorts near Dhaka for relaxing in holiday

Top 10 beautiful resorts near Dhaka for relaxing

10 beautiful resorts near Dhaka: The mind is often anxious to get rid of the monotonous civic life. Even you want, you cant escape from it in the excuse of time. In that case you can visit a good resort near Dhaka. Today in this blog of travel guide, I will tell you about top 10 resorts near Dhaka. This lists are made depending on reviews by  various travelers, Google ratings, location from Dhaka, cost, facilities and security. Click on the name of the resort for details about each resort.

1.Jol o jongoler kabbo

1The resort, known as Jol O Jongoler Kabbo or Pilot Bari, is built on 30 acres  of land in Pubail, Tongi of  Gazipur district. The resort has been decorated with skilled designers with bamboo and jute while keeping the nature intact.

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jol o jongoler kabbo

Jol o jongoler kabbo is an excellent place to spend the whole day in a short time and at low cost near the capital Dhaka. Being very close to Dhaka, you can come back same day. Bamboo, jute fences, canopies and a vast expanse of water on the horizon give birth to a clean rural touch. This Resort also serves home-grown food made from vegetables, paddy and fish. The resort, which focuses on professionalism, is becoming a hugely popular destinations for one-day vacations. It ranks first in our list of top 10 resorts near Dhaka.

2.Chuti resort

Chuti Resort has been carefully constructed on about 17 acres of land in Sukundi village of Gazipur. Built in a rural setting adjacent to the Bhawal National Park, the resort offers boating and tent camping in the protected tree forest. 21 AC and non-AC cottages have been constructed in the holiday resort for accommodation.

chuti resort

There are also cottages,  fishing facilities, bird houses, herbal gardens, fruits, vegetables and flower gardens. It has modern restaurants with two picnic spots, two playgrounds and a kids zone. The chirping of birds and foxes, the light of fireflies and crickets at the holiday resort will remind you of the village night. Guests arriving at the holiday resort are presented with a variety of seasonal fruits, and in the morning breakfast is served with rice bread, village pitha, roasted pulses, vegetables and chicken. For all facilities, It ranks second in our list of top 10 resorts near Dhaka.

3.Rajendra Eco Resort

Rajendra Eco Resort is a joint venture with about 18 acres of land inside Shalban, 6 km away from Rajendrapur Cantonment. More afforestation has been planned here to keep the natural beauty of the forest intact.

Rajendra eco resort

Apart from 26 cottages, Rajendra Eco Resort has several mud houses. Guests can also go fishing, boating and cycling on the lake of the resort, or visiting vegetables farms. Rajendra Eco Resort also has a swimming pool, massage parlor and cafeteria. There is an observation tower on the roof of each 4-storey building, So you can come to Rajendra Eco Resort to enjoy the wild sustanon 250 buy nature and eye-catching greenery sitting on the verandah quite close to the city.

4. Padma Resort

A beautiful Padma Resort has been built on the banks of the river Padma in Louhjong upazila of Munshiganj district, just 50 km from Dhaka. There are a total of 16 duplex cottages in Padma Resort.

Padma resort,Munshiganj

Each cottage is consist of a combination of a large bedroom, two single bedrooms and a drawing room. There are also two beautiful balconies and a bathroom. These cottages are  made of bamboo and palm wood and it can easily accommodate 6 people. 12 cottages have been named according to the name of Bengali 12 months and the remaining 4 cottages have been named after the season. If you want to travel by boat, there are various small and big boats arranged at this Padma resort.

5. Nakkhattrabari Resort

Renowned actor, director, architect Taukir Ahmed and actress Bipasha Hayat established an eye catching Nakshatrabari Resort in Rajendrapur, Gazipur district for commercial purposes.

top 10 resorts near dhaka

Built on about 15 acres of land, the resort has a dighi, artificial fountain, conference hall, swimming pool, restaurant, a residential building cottage and 11 air-conditioned cottages made of wood, bamboo and cane. There are shooting spots, a library, a movie theater, a children’s play area, boat rides and fishing.  Nakkhatrabari Resort is ready with all kinds of fun activities for leisure. It is one of the best resorts near Dhaka.

6.Mawa Resort

The Mawa Resort, built at Kandipara village in Louhjong upazila of Munshiganj district, just 36 km from the capital city of Dhaka, can be described as an attractive tourist destination. The Mawa Resort, built on the banks of the Padma along the Mawa-Bhagyakul road, just 500 yards away from Mawa Ferryghat-1 , is constantly attracting the attention of domestic and foreign tourist. After entering through the main gate of the green-wrapped Mawa Resort, you will see a  beautiful lake surrounded by rows of coconut and betel trees. You can enjoy boat trips in the lake. There is a cafeteria on one side of the lake.

mawa resort

7.Jamuna Resort

The three-star Jamuna Resort is located between Tangail and Sirajganj districts near the Bangabandhu Multipurpose Bridge. Jamuna Resort has a gym, health club, swimming pool, bakery, foreign money exchange and souvenir shop.It also has sports facilities which includes football, hockey, cricket, badminton and chess.

Jomuna resort

The Jamuna Resort features Royal Suites, Deluxe Executive Suites, 2- and 3-bedroom cottages, dormitories and extra beds. The Jamuna Resort has a restaurant with seating capacities for 150 peoples. There are two halls named Jamuna and Brahmaputra with a capacity of about 200 peoples. There are also arrangements for boat trips.

8.Spring Valley Resort

The Spring Valley Resort in Salna, Gazipur, near the capital Dhaka, is an ideal place to get rid of the hustle of city life. You can visit Spring Valley Resort any day for a picnic or hangout with family, loved ones or friends.

spring valley resort
spring valley resort

Built on 7 acres of land in a rural setting, the resort is run by an organization called Tripsilo. The resort has a variety of sports facilities, huge playground, swimming pool and pond. Guests who come here can go fishing in the pond and floating in the boat if they want. The resort is gaining popularity for its low-cost recreation at a distance close to Dhaka. It is the best cheap resorts near Dhaka.

9. Sohag Palli

Shohagh Palli is built on 11 acres of green land. The magnificent hanging bridges and balconies of the resort carve a variety of crafts to attract visitors. The cottages in Sohag Palli are built in such a way that it is a reflection of a village of a foreign country. There is a beutifuul lake flows right in front of the cottages.

shohag palli
shohag palli

The artificially created lake has water all year round, and different species of fish can be seen in the lake water. And there is a swimming pool and hall for conferences. There are 40 officers and employees in Sohag Palli to provide round-the-clock service. There are all kinds of arrangements for organizing various events here. It is one of the best resorts near Dhaka to go with children.

10. Ananda Resort

Ananda Park & Resort is a well known name in Kaliakair, Gazipur. It is built on about 28 acres of land with various entertainment arrangements.

ananda resort and park

Located in the Taltoli area of Sinabah in Kaliakair, the resort offers a variety of rides as well as direct fishing from the lake. Ananda Park Resort has 8 AC, non-AC cottages for overnight stay with car parking and 24-hour room service. It also has a variety of playground equipment and interesting rides for children, swimming pools, various species of fruit trees and flower gardens.

Written by Rafsan Islam for The morning express

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