The way the rickshaw puller stood up against the snatcher

The rickshaw puller caught a kidnapper in a moving rickshaw in front of the Railway Foot over Bridge in Dhaka’s Kamlapur this afternoon when he tried to snatch a woman neck chain. Next to him there were two more kidnapper. One of them tried to hit the rickshaw puller with a blade. However, the fearless rickshaw puller did not lose courage. He picked up a brick lying on the side of the road and hit one of them hard. When they tried to flee in the face of unexpected resistance. then the peoples grabbed the kidnappers and beat them up.

The whole incident was captured on camera by A photojournalist.

The eye witness said a woman was going to Khilgaon in a rickshaw from Titipara bus stand area around 12:15 pm. He was caught by the snatchers as he approached the Kamalapur Railway Foot over Bridge. Someone from the street tried to snatch the gold chain around his neck. However, the snatcher’s hand slipped. The rickshaw puller overcame the suddenness of the incident and chased the snatcher and caught him.

However, the incident did not end here. As soon as the woman went one to one and a half yards ahead in the same rickshaw from the spot, she was again caught by the snatchers. He was seen stopping the rickshaw and threatening to kill her. This time the locals arrested them and handed them over to the policemen on duty in the streets.

Sabujbagh police sub-inspector Riaz Uddin Sarkar told The Daily Star in the evening that the two arrested persons have been brought to the police station. No case was filed against them as they were under 18 years of age. No decision has been made about them yet.

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