The countries factories are running because Corona is under control: Health Minister Zahid Malek

The country's factories are running because Corona is Under Control

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Health Minister Zahid Malek said the country’s factories are running because Corona is under control. People are not unemployed. Remittances are coming, going abroad is still continuing. Import and export are going on, there is no shortage of food. Corona control is not done with any magic spell, it is not magic, there has to be a lot of hard work behind it. There may be criticism, those who do not know about it, will criticize.

The minister was speaking as the chief guest at a discussion meeting on future work plans for the development of the municipality at Manikganj Municipality auditorium on Saturday at 2pm,February 13th.

“We have brought the vaccine, there is no country or company with whom I have not personally spoken or communicated to bring the vaccine,” the minister said. Bangladesh is the sixth country out of 200 countries in the world to vaccinate publicly.

He added that from one lab, there are now two hundred and six labs in the country. The bed is 90 percent empty now. The ICU is now 80 percent empty. There are a total of 1300 patients in the country. Out of 160 million people, only 200 are in ICU.

Our transmission rate is between 2.3-2.6 percent. The mortality rate is 1.5 percent, while the death rate in America is 4-5 percent. Our recovery rate is 90 percent now, these did not happen by chance. The health minister commented that we had to work hard to achieve this.

Municipal mayor Ramzan Ali, Deputy Commissioner SM Ferdous, Superintendent of Police Rifat Rahman Shamim, District Council Chairman and District Awami League President Advocate Golam Mohiuddin, District Awami League General Secretary Advocate Abdus Salam and many others were present in the conference.

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