The allowance of the heroic freedom fighters increases to 20 thousand taka

The allowance of the heroic freedom fighters increases to 20 thousands taka

prime minister Sheikh Hasina

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The allowance of the heroic freedom fighters(bir muktijoddha) increases to 20 thousand taka. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the allowance of heroic freedom fighters is being increased from Tk 12,000 to Tk 20,000. The government is calling it as the ‘gift’ of the Prime Minister in the year of Mujib.

The Prime Minister announced the decision to increase the honorarium of the freedom fighters through a video conference from Ganobhaban on Monday. Sheikh Hasina said “this cannot be happened that the freedom fighters will not have a home, they will continue to suffer , at least when I am in government. “

“The freedom fighters will beg and eat, there will be no houses, their children will be neglected, I can’t accept that,” she said. Because their contribution is our freedom today. Everything that we are doing today, all the wealth that we are earning, is all for their contribution.

Recalling the introduction of Bir muktijoddha Allowance, the Prime Minister said, “When we introduced Bir Muktijoddha Allowance, we started at Tk 300 per month, today it has been increased to Tk 12,000.” But I think at this time 12 thousand takas are nothing. The Prime Minister said the allowance will be increased to Tk 20,000.

“I have already had a meeting with our Welfare Trust Board,” she said. We will bring the following slots in one place and increase the allowance of the freedom fighters by paying Tk 20,000.

She said it would take time to implement the decision, adding that it would take some time to arrange everything in the budget. But we will do it. She said that now the families of martyrs get Tk 30,000 per month, war-wounded families get Tk 25,000, families of Bir Shrestha martyrs get Tk 35,000, those with the title of Bir Uttam get Tk 30,000, those with the title of Bir Bikram get Tk 20,000 and those with the title of Bir Pratik get Tk 15,000.

Expressing her plan not to keep these differences, Sheikh Hasina said, “Maybe those who are the Birsrestho will be a little different or those who are Bir Uttom will be different.” But I think it’s better to give everyone else together. Because everyone has fought the war of liberation.

Members of the cabinet, members of parliament and heroic freedom fighters including Liberation War Affairs Minister AQM Mozammel Hoque were present on the occasion from the Osmani Memorial Auditorium.

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