8 facts about the fraud Northern Medical College Rangpur

northern medical college rangpur

Atatur Rahman/February 18,2021.

Is Northern Medical College Rangpur Fraud?

Yes, Northern medical College Rangpur is a fraud. It doesn’t have any BMDC registration. So you can’t practice as a doctor after passing from this medical college. In this article we will describe in detail about the illegal activities of the northern private medical College of Rangpur.

History of Northern private Medical College

Northern Private Medical College started its journey in 2006, During the rules of caretaker government in Bangladesh. It was the first medical College in the northern Part of the country. After starting its journey it was running quite well. But the Bangladesh Medical and Dental council found serious irregularity, corruption in 2015. They took action by scrapping the government registration in 2016.

The corruption continues..

Losing government registration of Northern Medical College Rangpur did not stop admitting students. Surprisingly it admitted more students in 2016 than its quota. But to hide corruption some of the students are admitted in educational 2014-15 in documents but in reality they were the students of 2015-16 education year. There were not enough teachers in the College. Most of the teachers were recruited on a temporary basis. As the teachers were not paid, the classes were not taking place most of the time. Sometimes the teachers’ strike went for a month. So the students were deprived of proper education most of the time.

Penalty for the Hospital

As the college section, the hospital part is more or less poor. One of the important criteria of a medical college is enough number of patients should be admitted to hospital. So the students can learn practically. But The Northern Private Medical College Hospital is always empty. Moreover as there are not enough doctors the hospital section was closed by the Magistrate for not following minimum criteria of running a hospital.

The money greedy owners..

It is normal to take so much money from students of a private medical college. But the money should be used appropriately. According to Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council policy, Certain amount of money must be used for the improvement of medical college infrastructure and teaching facilities. But Northern medical college Rangpur owners did not spend any money for improvement of the college. Though they took around 2 million BDT as admission fee.

it is also need to be mentioned that there are multiple owners in this institute. They only come to college at the beginning of a new educational year. because this is the time when students are paying fees and they take the money and leave the college. They do not even attend the college meeting.

northern medical college rangpur

No internship for new doctors.

The newest batch which passes the final professional MBBS examination under Rajshahi University can not do internship in any medical college. They were barred from internship by BMDC as the medical college does not have any registration. Northern Medical College Rangpur authority said that they have been working on this matter for nearly a year. But it appears to be a big lie when the students contact the BMDC. The government authority said that none of the members of northern medical College Rangpur contacts them.

The protest by students.

After failing to resolve the problems internally the students of Northern Medical College Rangpur started protesting against the corruption of the college authority. They demanded migration to another college to save their lives. A student said “My life is at stake after being cheated by the College. I have come from a middle class family. My parents managed the money by selling the lands to make me a doctor. But nowadays I can not speak to my parents for a crime that I did not commit”. He also urges the Government to punish the College authority for corruption and save the lives of the students and their family by migrating them to another college.

The inhuman work of college authority.

On 12th February the college authority closes the hostel at midnight without any prior notice. A number of students were staying in the hostel. As nowhere to go, The 32 Nepali students went to the nearby police station for their safety. This inhuman works of college authority sparks the fuels of the protest.

Northern medical college Rangpur humain chain

According to some reports, this medical college can be closed permanently. But Northern Medical College Rangpur owners are trying their best to save the college from closing. If they are able to continue admitting students in the upcoming educational years, It is highly suggested for the students to  avoid this fraud medical college.

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