15 migrants died after boats sank : UNHCR

Tripoli (TME Desk) – Fifteen migrants have died after two boats sank off the coast of Libya. This was the latest tragic loss of life at sea on the way to Europe.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said late Monday night.
The UNHCR Libya tweeted that 15 bodies had been recovered from the Tripoli naval base this evening after two boats were brought in. It added, “Passengers departed from Jhowara and Alkhoms the night before.”
The agency said 17 survivors were receiving help and medical care from UNHCR and its partners.

Survivors were seen wrapped in blankets as they arrived at the base, according to photos tweeted by the agency. Many migrants try to reach Europe from sub-Saharan African countries. Libya is a major exit point for them.
Thousands of indomitable migrants set sail every year in an effort to reach 300 kilometers (190 miles) off the coast of Italy.
According to figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), at least 1,010 migrants died at sea during route to Europe earlier this year. Last year, the number of deaths at the sea during the same period was 398.

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